June 20, 2006

Folsom, Huh, Yeah, What is it Good For?

What is the primary reason for prisons in America? Is the goal to get dangerous people off of the street so normal civilians can be safe? Or is to put people in a place where they can be separated from the things that tempt them, which are hurting them and those around them?


Arcane Rest said...

absolutely nothing........say it again now.

well, dual purposes ideally. If someone goes to prison for 15 years for arson (i dont know what the normal time would be, but just for arguement's sake) and just talks with other criminals, works out, eats, and waits until his time is up, what good have we done putting him in there? Haven't we just said, "hey, you are in time out for 15 years then you can come out but you better not do it again or you will be in time out longer." What is worse is that this criminal now had 15 years to get mad and may just burn down a city next time. Anyway, ideally a prison should be there to protect the civilians AND to "rehabilitate" the criminal. Both of these have to be met for this system to work.

Eric Olsen said...

Ok, so rehabilitation is essential is we plan on releasing them. So, for those criminals that we don't plan on releasing, what is the civic goal of rehabilitation?

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