June 22, 2006

The Pessimists Are the Majority

Simple question. Loaded question. Looking for honest, insightful answers.
Is the world getting better or worse?


magonline said...

the irony of life and christianity. things ARE getting worse and its the best thing ever...

Jeff said...

That comment made me laugh out loud.

Jeff said...

I just checked Magonline's blog and I feel compelled to clarify my comment.

I wasn't laughing at the sentiment, just the way I read it in my head. Hope you weren't offended; none meant.

Eric Olsen said...

Who is magonline? Is that Rob? I was looking at some of the comments from yesterday, people from Canada and stuff? How do these people find this place?

By the way, I'm still holding out for another answer to this question.

Anonymous said...

How about neither. Some things are getting better, some are getting worse. I believe pessimism will usually reign, however, because we seem to be more focused upon those things that are getting worse than on those that are improving, trying to figure out what went wrong and who is to blame (the job description of a political operative is one who force-feeds us easy answers to these sometimes complicated questions).

Perhaps it goes back to humor writer/football columnist Norman Chad's old accidental cynic, that cynics aren't born, they are former idealists disenchanted by the world not living up their ideals. We expect things to progress, to get better, so even a holding pattern, relatively speaking, seems to be a crushing defeat.

Not exactly the insightful answer you were looking for, but at least I proved I could talk myself in circles with the best of them.

magonline said...

jeff - not easily offended. it was meant to be amusing :)

eric sabai - its rob

Arcane Rest said...

perception is based on cognition, cognition based on language, language based on knowledge. therefore, all things we percieve are based on our knowledge. So I must say based on the knowledge that I have gained you can see dual reality. Sure things seem to be better, why? because we seem to be having more Holy Spirit released all over the world. And yes things seem to be getting worse, all the news people seem to say that will the whole, "This is the worst in history" "Never has this many people died" "yadda yadda yadda" Could it be a clash for this world in a world that we cannot see that is intensifying? God's Good against satan's evil?

fleetwm13 said...


Last night Jeff Grand was telling me you posted this question on your blog. We went to a concert to see Mason Jennings last night and as I was sitting listening to one of his songs, the lyrics struck me as my answer to your question. I think it's an amazing song and you should definitely check it out.


jesus are you real
did we make you up
is salvation what you want
or is faith enough
do you know where i’m bound
do you know who i am
are you just a word i use
when i don’t understand

standing like a statue in the sea
in a little truck stop in tennessee
bombs are crashing down in waves
on a giant tv screen
and i am struck
i cannot move
to make it stop
what can i do
people are dying in their beds
while this flag flies over our heads

jesus are you stronger
than a loaded gun
i’m beginning to believe
you’re not the only one
strong enough to show your love
strong enough to give
strong enough to go through hell
strong enough to live

all night long i sat with you
in a darkened hospital room
nurses checked in by the hour
i was made aware of a higher power
and how this fragile life we live
is not ours to keep but ours to give
what in the world am i gonna do
if anything should happen to you

all i do is doubt you god
all is do is love you god
all i do is question you
what else can i do
this world was never solid ground
all i do is search for you
what else can i do
and when i say i search for you
i mean i search for peace
i search for hope
i search for love
and one day release

jesus my life does not feel the same
new things happen every day
things i can’t explain
but i am not a man of faith
i’m a man of truth
but is this feeling in my heart
is this feeling proof

when you do not know
you know
and when you know
you do not know
and when you think you do you die
and when you do do not think you grow
are we left here in the dark
or are we left here in the light
it seems to me that both are true
and it’s up to us to know what’s right

all i do is doubt you god
all is do is love you god
all i do is question you
what else can i do
this world was never solid ground
religion cannot help me now
all i do is search for you
what else can i do
and when i say i search for you
i mean i search for peace
i search for hope
i search for love
and one day release

god give me strength to accept the things
that i just cannot know
and even when i lose control
i will not let you go

Eric Olsen said...

mary, thanks for the lyrics. Matt told me that song was powerful for himself as well. Steve, just so you know, according to my wife, you're winning.

Anonymous said...

I think it's impossible for any one person to answer. As you're growing up, things always seem a lot more positive. The worst things in your life are bad lunch room food and having to mow the lawn. But real life issues start to arrive as you get older, and suddenly things seem so much worse than before because you have high credit card bills, car payments, property payments, you're working eight hours a day, you're stressed about relationships, marriage, pregnancy, you're reading the newspaper more and taking issues more seriously and realizing all the tragedies around the world. So things seem so much worse than they did ten years ago. But I'm guessing that ten years ago, twenty-somethings were feeling the exact same way.

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