June 22, 2006

Prozac for Puppies

We've all laughed at the Vidal Sassoon commercials showing the caged monkeys having shampoo shoved into their eyes with Q-tips, but did you know that those monkeys never got paid for that commercial? So, I know that they test hair-care products and certain vaccines on animals. But, what about anti-depressants. How do you know if an animal is depressed or not, or schizophrenic? And then judging whether or not they got better?


magonline said...

domesticated animals become depressed primarily due to neglect. Your depressed dog may express his state of depression when being left alone all day while you are at work by going to the bathroom in your shoes or other things that have your smell.

antidepressants though? not so sure about that...

Jeff said...

Reason #1,297 why I do not have/like pets.

-Jeff G. (BTW, I resent that I have to use my last initial, Jeff P., yet again. Knowing you is going to be my downfall in social situations!)