June 26, 2006

Pulmonary Size Me

If you are a server at a restaurant and an obese person orders the most fattening thing on the menu, or if you are a bartender and someone you know is an alcoholic orders a drink... could you serve them with a good conscience knowing that it is your job to do so?


Anonymous said...

I think I will go to wendy's for lunch today. Sabai, you're not advertising for wendy's are you?

Honestly, if my alcoholic friend was ordering a drink, I would try to convince him/her not to, but I think that is only because they are my friend. How selfish of me to only want to protect my friends.

The obese thing is a little different. cause I could get fired for refusing to serve a customer.

Really, what a lot of these discussions have been about are whether or not we should allow people choose for themselves even if something is bad for them. But I don't think you can help someone that doesn't want help.

Arcane Rest said...

Well, I would but that is just me. Making someone fat, that is what wendy's does, and they are doing a good job. As far as drinks, sure would. Shouldnt someone stop them from coming to your bar in the first place?

magonline said...

when my father was dying of alcoholism, the small town bar owners picked him up from rehab (he was facing death if he continued to drink which is why he was there) and they gave him a bottle of tequilla.

in the end money always wins. the small town bar loved his money.

Anonymous said...

Most drinking establishments, the nicer ones at least, have rules about serving patrons who are potential alcoholics.

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