June 21, 2006

Until Death Do Us Part

My wife and I were discussing the idea of love last night. I came to the conclusion that I love my wife only because she’s awesome. And if she became a jerk all of a sudden (she promised that will not happen) or if I became a jerk all of a sudden (slightly more possible), would we really continue to love each other? I mean, I wouldn’t go and find someone else because of the seriousness of the vows we made with each other. But, loving a jerk? That’s got to be hard to do. Any thoughts?


Arcane Rest said...

You should ask Diana, all your questions will be answered.

Baaikha said...

Here's something I learned from marriage classes a long while back: Love is a decision. We decide to love someone. When someone we love becomes a jerk, we only stop loving them if we decide to stop loving them.

If one, or both of you, turn into jerks, seek counseling. There's no shame in a getting some help. And if you just need a little help, National Marriage Encounter does wonders.

We didn't? said...

During my first marriage, I realized my husband was a jerk about two months into it, but I stuck with it for 6 years anyway and vowed never to be with a jerk again. Now I'm remarried to someone who's awesome, and won't become a jerk. Well, he might, but a different sort of jerk than my ex. I guess it's all about why kind of jerk you're willing to love and how long you'll tolerate the jerkiness.

magonline said...


by the end of your marriage if you stick with it...you will have loved a jerk. fulfilling love, loves the jerk. pagans love awesome people exclusively.