July 13, 2006

Bigger Than Global Warming

One man-made occurence that seems to always flys real low under the radar is gravity. In the year 1666, (coincidence anyone), Isaac Newton invented gravity. No big deal, right? Wrong says flood rains and short basketball players. Without gravity, nearly all of the world's problems would be solved. The solutions are fairly self-explanatory. But, why do we settle for this gravity-plagued reality we live in. It's obvious, big business. There's lot of money in sneakers and houses, all which require what? gravity.


Eric Olsen said...

Leaving for Maryland tomorrow, be back next Thursday. Feel free to bash gravity until I return.

Anonymous said...

We need gravity for some things (such as keeping the earth from hurtling off into the cold, vast darkness of space). That's why there's a better solution than eliminating gravity: personal adjustable gravity. That way, for instance, if you had to change a lightbulb, you could just reduce your personal gravity (I imagine it being controlled by a wristwatch or small device that attaches to a belt loop) and float up to the ceiling to change it.

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