July 07, 2006

Turning Japanese

Yesterday, I was playing tennis and there was a bunch of Asian guys playing basketball with one white guy. And then a cell phone goes off and the ring tone is "Turning Japanese". Who stops the game to go answer it? The white guy. So, here's my question. Is this guy a version of Timothy Treadwell "Grizzly Man" and instead of thinking he's a bear, he thinks he's Asian? Secondly, if your child could be born a different race, what race would you prefer him/her to be?


Arcane Rest said...

asian definately

although he will be small, his mental capacities will be superior

Arcane Rest said...

wait second thought

a black asian because not only will you have the superior mental capacities, as stated earlier, but the athletic prowess of a black person.

Eric Olsen said...

Wrong. The correct answer is half black - half orange - half purple. You can be a rainbow, be a rainbow too.

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