July 03, 2006


What do you think about the idea of a house with two faces? Because walking around a pond behind our apartment, all of the backs of the house that face the pond are pretty horrendous. The fronts of the homes are all beautiful, but there's no symmetry to the backs. No inviting doorway. I want homes with two fronts. Who's with me?


Matt said...

Finally we are getting down to the important issues.

I'm with you.

My house also needs a batcave.

Arcane Rest said...
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Arcane Rest said...

I will be with you on one condition. That the sides of the house are also the front. To many times I have seen sides that are so boring.

So my proposal would be a symmetric/identical four sided house.

Sabai said...

Fool! No one sees the sides of your house!

Arcane Rest said...

that is where my pool was in my old house, on the side, I had to look at it every day. Side of the house should be a new front