July 02, 2006

A Zoo for People

Timothy Treadwell, Bradley University attendee and star of the documentary, "Grizzly Man" was obviously a lunatic. He thought he was a bear and for over a decade he filmed bears and tried befriending bears in Alaska. SPOILER: He gets eaten by a bear. By the way, it's an exceptional film and wildly entertaining if only to see this passionate man act like such a loony toon. So, why wasn't Timothy Treadwell admitted to a mental hospital? Do you have to be a threat to other people or can it by yourself as well? Because the outcome proves that his lunacy cost him his life?


Arcane Rest said...

Timothy should have been eaten, to teach us all a lessen about bears: They Eat People.

Sorry if that is harsh but at least we all learned something

Anonymous said...

Then the Croc Hunter has to go to the bin also.

What about sky divers, stuntmen, that one guy that hold's his breath under water. If you put every person with a death wish in a mental institution, i'm investing in the pajama and bunny slippers industry.

You're talking about changing the definition of being mentally insane. I don't have the knowledge to do that. arcane can you ask your woman?

Eric Olsen said...

I guess that's my real question. Are all mental institutions self-admitting? When do people go there?

Arcane Rest said...

At all, i should probably say most, mental institutions people can admit themselves if they feel they are going crazy. For instance, a girl's mom that I knew, felt like she wanted to kill herself. So much so that she prepared for it, but then she just drove herself to the hospital and admitted herself to the mentalward of the hospital for 3 weeks. She also did it again after she believed Satan was telling her to kill her husband and children.

To further answer the question. Most places will accept anyone that may have a psychological issue: alcoholism to schziophrenia. Usually people admit they do have a problem and are able to stay for awhile.

What if they dont think they have a problem? All patients upon entering will receive an evaluation to determine if they need to be there. Unfortunately, I have a friend that was wrongly admitted because he was a stong-willed teen that didnt like his mom. For minors I am sure it is a different process with parental permission and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people do things that are personally dangerous things for what they believe in, and he believed he was helping the bears with the work he did going into schools with his videos, etc. You can debate the worthiness of what he was doing, but it was what he believed in. He obviously had delusions of grandeur mixed with the occasional bought of self-loathing, but the most crazy thing about Treadwell, at least from what I got from the movie, was how he seemed to want to become a bear. That, more than him going out there, probably should have been a clue to those around him that someone needed to intervene.

magonline said...

i work in the mental health field, and ironically you see two things

one - most of the "normal" people you know are actually pretty messed up mentally

two - its common to know people who have been diagnosed bi-polar is crap compared to people who are like REALLY bi-polar. If you are moody in a specific way you could be diagnosed bi-polar. but standing next to the guy who locks himself in a room for 2 weeks in the dark then goes manic and runs tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

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