August 30, 2006

E-Ching for the Day

The truth shall outring what is loud.


By the way, since I'm homeless for three weeks and have limited online usage, this will not be as aesthetically pleasing of a site until I get into my new house.

August 29, 2006

Rosa Parks Was Obviously a Nerd

A Louisiana bus driver made 9 black students sit at the back of the bus after designating the front seats for white children. Now, I know it's offensive, but it's true. The back of the bus is for cool kids and black people are simply cooler than white people. The bus driver is simply recognizing this. Pretending that white kids are EQUALLY cool is not going to solve this problem. Creating quotas that say that 20% of your workforce has to be cool white kids is an impossibility. What white people have to do is actually BECOME cool. Let's focus on the ends and not the means.

August 28, 2006

Democracy Button

Completely theoretically, would you be in favor of a yes/no voting button that would relieve the need of the electorate? And all policy decisions would be made directly by the largely uninformed public?

August 25, 2006

Sexual Delinquency Ain't Oppression

Last night, I watched Terry Moran's piece about AIDS in Black America on Nightline. He blamed Jesse Jackson, as leader of Black America, for letting black people continue to have unprotected sex with multiple partners under his watch. Instead of disputing this ridiculous premise, Jackson retorted, "Well, George Bush is president." Then Mr. Moran blamed the black church for not standing up against AIDS like they did segregation back in the '60s. What am I missing here?

August 24, 2006

E-Ching for the Day

We must not agree to disagree on that which is important.

The Pale Horse

This season of the reality show "Survivor" is going to be participating in what they call "a whole new kind of social experiment". They are splitting up the 20 survivors into 4 teams and having the teams compete against each other. The teams are segregated by noneother than color. 5 white people, 5 black people, 5 asians and 5 hispanics. I saw some people interviewed about this idea and a lot of the minorities said that they would be rooting for their respective ethnic groups. So, I guess I should hope that the white race completely oppresses all of the others. Why do people feel allegiance and pride toward something they have no control over?

August 23, 2006

Levi Strauss' New Ad Campaign

Beautiful classical music cues. Cut to a girl walking in and lying down on a railroad track, Cut to a person driving off a cliff, Cut to a bunch of people crossing themselves and jumping off of a bridge, Cut to a girl walking down the street casually and comfortably in her Levis. Cue voiceover "Levis. You'll make people want to kill themselves because they look so hideous compared to you." Pan to a guy who sees the girl walking down the street and then just starts punching himself in the face. End.

E-Ching For The Day

The majority should rule even when they are wrong.

August 22, 2006

Matt Lauer Has Never Led Me Astray

Whether it's blindly believing in a terrorist regime's pure motives for a Jewless society, or his blank face unable to respond to an economist explaining that a lower income tax would actually produce greater federal revenue, Matt Lauer has never led me astray. But, I had no idea that behind that sharp-suited Christmas package was a Calvin Klein model waiting to get out. Lauer for Unquestioning Leader in 2008!

August 21, 2006

Financial Tip #1

Don't pay off your mortgage early. Let's say your mortgage rate is at 6%. Since mortgage interest is tax-deductible, your "real" mortgage rate is only 4%. So, if you save an extra $1,000 and want to put it to good use, don't put it toward your mortgage. Put it in a conservative fixed-rate investment for 5-6%, make more money off the investment, and have your assets be liquid instead of sunk in your house. The idea is to do what banks do. Borrow money at a low interest rate, and safely invest at a higher interest rate.

Smart investment sense is not always common sense.

August 18, 2006

I Know What I Like

I am not an "All Art is Awesome" kind of guy. Ballet and Opera are stupid to me, even though I'm glad that some crazy people find enjoyment in them. But, this dance segment that I saw was the best dance routine I've ever seen in my life (it didn't have much competition before that), but it really gave me a new appreciation for contemporary dance. This stuff has some possibilities. The routine starts at 1:30 into the clip. Don't bother wasting your time with the commentary before or after.

E-Ching for the Day

If you don't get hungry, you will starve.

August 17, 2006

Color Customized Accessorizing

What if the same pair of shoes could match your clothing exactly everyday? I'm not referring to like a guy where his same (and only pair) of brown business shoes passes off the matching test all week...but I mean truly matching. Right now, I can only think of a easily workable way with women's sandals, but it's a start. Take a women's sandal with one color strap, and then have the strap attached with one button on either side of the sole. (This picture is the closest I could find, but you have to use your imagination). You can sell the shoe on it's own along with 30 different colored straps. Women could then buy individual straps to color match their particular outfits.

August 16, 2006

New Foreign Policy

Have we came to a consensus about why Islamic terrorists hate us? Is it A) because we allow the freedom to sin in our country, B) because we have so many people claiming to be Christians in this country, OR is it a more obvious reason... C) the fact that we support Israel.

If we really wanted to take the target off our backs, shouldn't we just abandon Israel. Cut ties completely, pull a Cuba on them. Would that do the trick? If so, someone could probably win on that platform. Perhaps Mel?

August 15, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Within a couple weeks, hopefully, this will be our permanent residence. We are very excited!

Let's Take it Back A Step

We all hate poverty. We all hate crime. We all disagree on how to fix it. Let's try this one. What do we think caused it? What is the root of all the bad things in the world? Perhaps then we can ponder a solution?

August 11, 2006

Death Penalty

Is the guy who flips the switch to turn on the electric chair a murderer?

August 09, 2006

Call the TaxMan

This is based off the last "what is a fair tax" question. Let's go back a step. What should our income tax cover? What should we all be chipping in for? And if one of your answers is a utility or something like public roads, then should we progressively tax that even though that person will not use that road more than the other taxpayers? For those of you uninterested in this topic, here are some Beatles lyrics for your entertainment.

How it will be.There's one for you,Nineteen for me,'Cause I'm the taxman.Yeah, I'm the taxman.Should five percentAppear too small,Be thankful I don'tTake it all.'Cause I'm the taxman.Yeah, I'm the taxman.If you drive a car,I'll tax the street.If you drive to city,I'll tax your seat.If you get too cold,I'll tax the heat.If you take a walk,I'll tax your feet.Taxman!'Cause I'm the taxman.Yeah, I'm the taxman.Don't ask me what I want it for,(Uh-uh, Mr. Wilson.)If you don't want to pay some more.(Uh-uh, Mr. Heath.)'Cause I'm the taxman.Yeah, I'm the taxman.And my advice toThose who die.(Taxman!)Declare the penniesOn your eyes.(Taxman!)'Cause I'm the taxman.Yeah, I'm the taxman,And you're working for no one but me.(Taxman

Budweiser Commercial Concept

A man in a sharp blue suit walks up to a lady sitting alone at the bar.
“I’m sorry maam, but I’m afraid we’re going to have to dance,”
he says with a sly grin, and shrugs his shoulders a bit.
She spins the upper half of her body to him, cracks a smile,
and replies, “Oh we have do, do we?”
“Yes, I’m sorry, I wish I could do something about it, but it’s out of our hands.”
“Oh really? What if I say no?”
“Hey, I wish I could help you out, but I don’t make the rules.”
Still smiling, he holds out his hand ready for her grasp.
Still smiling, she says “Oh really? Who does?”
Without hesitation, the sharply dressed man’s smile evaporates.
“Narquar of course. He makes every rule.”
“What?” she laughs, confused by his reply.
“Narquar is the leader. He has a plan for all of us.”
Her smile erases, and she hurriedly leaves.

His hand still outstretched for the dance moves onto the counter, and grabs her nearly full glass of Budweiser left on the table.

August 08, 2006

What Upsets Us

Let's say we all go to the movies. And they say, Eric, your ticket costs $7.50. Jeff, since you're not married but you're working, your ticket costs $12. Matt, since you're only working part time, your ticket will be $3. Likely, Jeff would be mad that Matt gets in for a quarter of his ticket price just because Jeff has a better job. And that's why uneven taxation with completely uneven distribution ticks people off.

There are Two Kinds of People

I think all of us are pretty similar-minded when it comes to what we want the end-result to be. We all want peace. We all want to end poverty. Where we differ is when we get down to deciding the best means to these results. For example, in this case, all of us want to encourage people to vote, correct. So, here is what the OTHER kind of people decided to do. Arizona decided to turn the primary into a Powerball.

August 04, 2006

Global Freezing

Some people would argue that weather trends have always been sporadic and unpredictable. But Pat Robertson, after a week of hot temperatures has changed his entire feelings regarding science and nature. Unfortunately, by that logic alone, many South Africans this week are screaming "Global Freezing!"

August 03, 2006

Plan C

Not my idea. But, "Sabai" enough to post here. Nationalized Birth Control. The idea is that eliminating "accidental" pregnancy would eliminate nearly the entire abortion argument. So, instead of relying on a medicinal form of birth control, we instead create a way for a woman to not get pregnant unless she takes an "Anti Birth Control" Pill. If it was easy, safe and feasible, would you support it?

August 02, 2006

I Got A Job!

I'm moving back to Chi-town! (the 'burbs)

Don't Waste Your Life

God: Would you give up your life today if it meant that 1 more person could enter heaven?
Man: Only if my living would result in 0 more entering.

August 01, 2006


I understand that there is tradition in hunting. And if the hunters end up eating their kill, I've never really had a problem with it. But, it just occurred to me. All hunters predominantly hunt for fun, right? Do people really get joy out of shooting a deer in the heart with a shotgun? That's pretty sadistic.

A Christian Approach To The End Of Life

 Note: This post has been contributed. Unsplash - CC0 License Talking about the end of life isn’t a popular topic. But it is something that ...