August 09, 2006

Call the TaxMan

This is based off the last "what is a fair tax" question. Let's go back a step. What should our income tax cover? What should we all be chipping in for? And if one of your answers is a utility or something like public roads, then should we progressively tax that even though that person will not use that road more than the other taxpayers? For those of you uninterested in this topic, here are some Beatles lyrics for your entertainment.

How it will be.There's one for you,Nineteen for me,'Cause I'm the taxman.Yeah, I'm the taxman.Should five percentAppear too small,Be thankful I don'tTake it all.'Cause I'm the taxman.Yeah, I'm the taxman.If you drive a car,I'll tax the street.If you drive to city,I'll tax your seat.If you get too cold,I'll tax the heat.If you take a walk,I'll tax your feet.Taxman!'Cause I'm the taxman.Yeah, I'm the taxman.Don't ask me what I want it for,(Uh-uh, Mr. Wilson.)If you don't want to pay some more.(Uh-uh, Mr. Heath.)'Cause I'm the taxman.Yeah, I'm the taxman.And my advice toThose who die.(Taxman!)Declare the penniesOn your eyes.(Taxman!)'Cause I'm the taxman.Yeah, I'm the taxman,And you're working for no one but me.(Taxman

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'd include the ones you said, among others (The first question is really just setting up the second, although I can go into more detail if you like).

I guess I go back to my comment I just posted on the previous entry. Is the goal of tax policy to have a fair means? Or can an unfair means be justified if it has the better end result?

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