August 17, 2006

Color Customized Accessorizing

What if the same pair of shoes could match your clothing exactly everyday? I'm not referring to like a guy where his same (and only pair) of brown business shoes passes off the matching test all week...but I mean truly matching. Right now, I can only think of a easily workable way with women's sandals, but it's a start. Take a women's sandal with one color strap, and then have the strap attached with one button on either side of the sole. (This picture is the closest I could find, but you have to use your imagination). You can sell the shoe on it's own along with 30 different colored straps. Women could then buy individual straps to color match their particular outfits.


Anonymous said...

What a magnificent idea!

Alan Keith Carver said...

Yeah, you retroactively stole this idea from that lady on Shark Tank.

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