August 04, 2006

Global Freezing

Some people would argue that weather trends have always been sporadic and unpredictable. But Pat Robertson, after a week of hot temperatures has changed his entire feelings regarding science and nature. Unfortunately, by that logic alone, many South Africans this week are screaming "Global Freezing!"


Jeff said...

At least Pat saw the light, albeit in an awfully strange way (via the latest weather pattern) as you rightly poke fun of him for. Maybe he forgot to take his diet shake this week, and the lack of its essential cooling vitamins made him a little sweaty.

Where do you stand on Global Warming, by the way? Man-made or do you think we're going through a natural cycle?

Eric Olsen said...

I'm not even sure if those are the two questions that should be separating people on this issue. I think that the real question is whether or not the Earth is fragile?

Being, if we are in a natural warming cycle and human activity and emissions are encouraging this cycle, will the Earth reverse eventually and trend cooler despite man's actions?

Jeff said...

Well you answered my question with a question, so let me return the favor.

If we are in a natural warming cycle and human activity is widely regarded to be responsible for compounding the problem by the scientific community, do you support policies that would curb our activities? Or do you think such science is too inconclusive or variable to require restraints on our lifestyle?

I think that basic question needs to be asked regardless of whether the Earth will reverse its course at some point.

After all, how long should we wait for that to happen? What if we've done irreperable damage? Or what if the temperatures reached are no longer sustainable for human life by the time the Earth begins cooling?

Eric Olsen said...

the whole respond with a question was the original idea behind this whole thought experiment anyway...the "rabbinical" method of gaining wisdom. It's easier to learn when we're not trying to win. I would not support a policy that shuts down all U.S. coal burning plants in the hopes that as we lead the way, the world would follow, no. Perhaps there is a more practical policy you have in mind that I could consider?

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