August 03, 2006

Plan C

Not my idea. But, "Sabai" enough to post here. Nationalized Birth Control. The idea is that eliminating "accidental" pregnancy would eliminate nearly the entire abortion argument. So, instead of relying on a medicinal form of birth control, we instead create a way for a woman to not get pregnant unless she takes an "Anti Birth Control" Pill. If it was easy, safe and feasible, would you support it?


Jeff said...

I'm slightly confused by the way you phrased this. Are you asking whether or not we should mandate birth control and prescribe fertility pills to override that when requested?

Or that we should make birth control more readily available/free if it eliminates abortion?

Unfortunately, even the best birth control methods are still only 99% effective. So your first question is completely theoretical.

But if you were asking about the second topic, I'd propose making the pill/patch/etc. free at Planned Parenthood, right alongside the dishes of condoms (after a medical examination, of course) or requiring health insurers to provide it at no cost.

Eric Olsen said...

Jeff, I think the original idea was hoping that we could "put something in the water" so that no woman would be fertile unless she wanted to be. Yes, the readily available birth control would obviously be a more "realistic" solution. If pregnancy was not a consequence of sex, I'm curious though as to the scores of young people that would begin participating in this act, however.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. While this would certainly help with overpopulation, making the process this regimented, with only those actively trying to get pregnant having the ability to, for some reason freaks me out a bit. It sounds vaguely like something out of an anti-utopian novel. It sounds good on the surface, but there's something vaguely unsettling about it. Plus not all "accidents" are necessarily unwanted, just unplanned.

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