August 25, 2006

Sexual Delinquency Ain't Oppression

Last night, I watched Terry Moran's piece about AIDS in Black America on Nightline. He blamed Jesse Jackson, as leader of Black America, for letting black people continue to have unprotected sex with multiple partners under his watch. Instead of disputing this ridiculous premise, Jackson retorted, "Well, George Bush is president." Then Mr. Moran blamed the black church for not standing up against AIDS like they did segregation back in the '60s. What am I missing here?

1 comment:

Steve said...

< sarcasm >Come on Eric, where have you been? When there's a problem, the first thing we need to do shouldn't be to actually try to solve it. No, we should flail around assigning blame. That's what is important. Don't you follow politics?< /sarcasm >

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