September 14, 2006

Autism? No Thanks.

So, scientists have discovered a DNA link to autism that can be found in a child's umbilical cord. This is leading to the possibility that one could know whether or not a child could have autism shortly after conception. This leads to the possibility that one could abort their child based on an imperfection that they do not want to deal with.


Arcane Rest said...

sounds great. i am pretty sure we can also find out what babies will be born not having blonde hair and blue eyes and we can abort them, especially if they are jewish. that would be reminiscent of some individual that wanted to get rid of 'undiserables' but i cant put my finger on who exactly. oh well, we should continue the work and just start aborting babies with characteristics that we dont like, instead of thinking Life is a gift from God. I mean who would think that but those wacky religious folk?

Anonymous said...

Having a child on the way (3 months to go), we learned there are all sorts of tests to determine if your baby will have various health issues (both physical and mental defects).

As you know Sabai, we would never abort a child under any circumstance. However, the question for us was this: Do we do the various testing, so that if we found out of a problem, we could a.) begin the research and preparation for those special needs and b.) work with our doctor for any type of special observation or treatment before birth?

Our doctor, knowing we wouldn't abort, recommended not doing the testing because among the small % of testing positive for a defect, the false positive rate was extremely high!

We said forget it, we trust God.

Eric Olsen said...

I heard a good quote that's mildly fits in this realm. "Doctors have a tough gig. If their patient dies, the doctor gets blamed. If their patient lives, God gets the credit."

Could this become similar to the WalMart pharmacists case where doctors could choose not to do these tests, because they didn't want to incentivize abortions?

Anonymous said...

Our doctor presented the testing to us as an option. However, she knew we wouldn't abort, so she recommended against the testing because of the nature of false positives and the emotional toll that can have. However, it was our choice to test or not test.

I don't know the law about this, but it could be that it is mandated that she tell us about the testing and there may be cases where they are mandated to do the testing regardless.

As a Christian father-to-be and being around all this "baby stuff" these days, this is so close to my heart. It is pure evil to think of doing anything to harm the life of a baby. There is no feeling in the world like hearing that heartbeat for the first time or feeling a kick. I would give my life to protect my baby.

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