September 20, 2006

Moving Help

Well, we finally tracked down the seller's and we're closing on our house tomorrow morning and moving in Saturday. For the Chicago readers here, if anyone has an hour on Saturday morning to spare and help load a U-Haul truck, please let me know. Coincidentally, my grandparents are moving that day as well, and all of my family has already been contracted to help with that move. You would be MUCH appreciated!


nomad said...

Hey Congratulations man!

I'm sorry to be located in Central IL!
I won't be doing you any good down here, but I would jump right in if I were there man.

Good luck and remember, lift w/ the legs!

Jeff said...

Hey, yeah. I said I would, man, and I will. Email me the time and place. And if I need to pick up Buckman....