October 09, 2006

Animal Lover Hypocrisy

Of course, everyone who knows me knows that my number one political push is for the ending of the domestication of animals. Here is another situation that helps illustrate my point. Every now and then, you hear of these GreenPeace or other animal rights groups sneaking into zoos and letting all of the animals out of their cages...freeing them. Those same activist groups likely go home at night to their several dogs, cats, birds, etc. It's ok for them to cage animals in their own house, because they love them?


Jeff said...

You got a cat allergy or something?

The problem with freeing all domesticated animals is twofold:

1) Most of these pets have been bred for hundreds of years to rely on people for food and shelter. It would take a long time for most of them to return back to their wild roots.

2) If you've ever been to Europe or Asia, you'd know that the abundance of cats and dogs on the streets is not an improvement on the situation, as animal-friendly as your intentions are. Many of them end up with battle scares, dangly eyes, and/or starve to death. It's creepy to see a pack of them, they tend smell terrible, and many acquire rabies and get in your way when you're trying to visit the Alhambra. Not cool.

Eric Olsen said...

Jefferson Davis tried using your argument #1 for why slaves shouldn't be freed during the Davis-Lincoln debates. It wasn't very popular.

Well, similarly to why deer don't run through Lincoln Park, the long-term goal would be for animals to return to the actually wild, not just the neighborhood ponds.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you creating the issue here by stating an assumption that PETA members "likely" have pets?

What if they don't? Maybe it is part of the PETA membership oath to not own pets?

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