October 12, 2006

Correction: Tragedy Promotes Hilarity

Cory Lidle, pitcher for the now eliminated NY Yankees drove his small plane into a New York skyscraper yesterday, and died. A few hours later, on my drive home, I was listening to a Chicago sports radio show, preparing to hear tribute memories. What I heard were comments like, "How do you fly into a building accidentally? Well, if you saw his pitching the other night, you could see he has aiming problems, hahahahaha." I kid you not. I was absolutely flaberghasted that people like that could exist. Then, this morning at LifeTime, guys were making similar comments, "Steinbrenner's probably going to blame Lidle's optometrist, haha." "Who runs a plane into a building? What an idiot." What is going on?


Justin Elder said...

Heard the exact same thing on Mac, Jurko, & Harry followed by Tom Petty's learning to fly. A caller asked them if they would treat it any differently if it had been a Chicago player that died and one said they would but Mac said he'd treat it the same. It's a shame to have such tragedy occur and not to treat it as such.

aaron said...

Would there be the same type of jokes is he had died in a single-car accident?

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