October 13, 2006

Explanation: We're in the MonkeySphere

Yesterday's post (read below) about the death of Yankee pitcher, Cory Lidle, prompted me to bring up the concept of the MonkeySphere. I have heard this concept called in multiple names. But, the idea is the same throughout. Our brains are limited in the amount of people that we can comprehend. The idea of 6 billion people to us, is completely artifical to us. Only about 150 or so people are actually REAL to us. Studies have shown that native cultures, would separate into tribes no bigger than 150 people. Businesses accomplish the most when there are under 150 people at each location. It's an odd concept, one that has a lot of interesting elements to it, that you can read more about at the above link. But, it may explain yesterday's episode. Cory Lidle was never a real person to us. We watch the news and hear about fires burning down buildings and killing people, and we say that's sad and change the channel. But, it's not really sad, because those people aren't real to us. I quote the movie, 'Following', "It's like going to a futbol match, and you're in this giant arena full of people and your eyes graze across the stadium and you stop on one person. They're no longer part of the crowd. They're an individual." Cory Lidle was not an individual to us. That can explain why his death did not affect people. However, it does not explain why his death was so quickly mocked. Perhaps because his death seems to be his fault?

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