October 17, 2006

Flash Mob Strikes Again

The little phenomenon of 'Flash Mobbing' has now struck the iPod community. I first heard about this idea a couple of years ago when roughly 100 people gathered in downtown Peoria one night at some random street corner, yelled something like "Blue Raccoon" at 7:36, and then all went their separate ways. My initial impression was, "That's awesome." Kind of like when I saw Fight Club for the first time. For a large part of my life, I have held the position that if someone does something that I have not yet thought of, it's genius. The idea of being clever...it was everything. What's better than being more clever than everyone? But, now I'm tired of being so amused by cleverness. The 'Blue Racoon' mob did nothing. But, they all went home thinking they were clever, a part of something maybe, a rebellion against the system, who knows. But, whatever they went home thinking, they were wrong. They did nothing. The iPod article above refers to a group of people who advertised a flash mob online, and ended up with a couple hundred of people in a subway station who started dancing (silently) to their iPods (with headphones) all at the same time. Why do I still think this is clever? What is this thing deceiving me into wanting me to waste my time thinking of ways to be clever? Why can't we be clever AND useful?


Arcane Rest said...

It would have been more clever if another group all decided to spontaneous punch someone at that same place. Think of the hilarity of a hundred or so people lying on the ground in the fetal position, all the others just silently walk away. Genius, pure genius.

Sabai said...

see, that would at least be funny! or how 'bout they all go to a gas station and buy a gallon of milk each? at least they're contributing to economic commerce. or how 'bout we start one ourselves, and a few weeks from now, we'll all go out and vote.

Sabai said...

Ok, better idea.

100 people go downtown one day and throw birthday parties for homeless people. Way better!