October 18, 2006

Global Warketing: How to Market Global Warming to the Skeptics

Al Gore's crew runs into a few problems when trying to convince us animal-haters that global warming exists for the following reasons.
1) We don't really care too much about animals. We hear about penguins and polar bears drowning and don't care. 2) Rising water levels don't scare us. Just by numbers, the majority of people are land-locked, and do not live in fear of tidal waves wiping out their cities. 3) We don't think the Earth is fragile. Some would contend that humans destroying/permanently damaging the Earth is an improbable if not impossible order.

So, how does Al Gore reach this selfish, crazy market? Well, he could show us cities in California that are filled with smog so much that children are developing asthma and lung conditions at scary rates. He could show mercury levels in drinking water around the country that are life-threatening. These are actual proven scenarios where the cause and effect is apparent, where we don't have to rely on rock stars and politicians to teach us predictive science. In this way, we can actually focus on tangible solutions, less drastic than completely shutting down America's system of commerce.


Brent said...

I stopped reading at the part where you tried to make a single data point into a trend.

Sabai said...

The September comment? Obviously, feciousness doesn't translate in text.

Sabai said...

ok, just to avoid another misinterpretation, I have revised and reposted.

Steve said...

If I recall, though, none of the partial solutions Gore offered at the end amounted to shutting down the American economy. There are a lot of things that could at least slow things down (increased fuel efficiency standards, mandate power companies use the clean-coal technology that out there if that's not done already, etc.). Thanks to gas prices, it seems one problem is getting better already. American automakers are scrambling to redesign their lines and focus now that high-milage Toyotas and other Asian cars are cutting into their sales.