October 20, 2006

Invention: Athletic Soled Dress Shoes

To be sold at Business Casual, athletic soled dress shoes will give the appearance of fancy, business appropriate footwear while being comfortable enough on the inside to play basketball in.


Anonymous said...

You should check out the Common by Steve Madden. I got a pair of these before a recent business trip to NYC and Boston, as such excursions are pretty rough on the feet (what with the running from place to place). They were amazingly comfortable - more so than my non-dress shoes. Slip on loafer look, but with a soft rubber sole on the bottom, kind of running shoe-esque (like I've ever had a running shoe). Unfortunately you can't see the bottom in the pictures online but there's a cool orange stripe in the middle of the sole. Check them out here.


Eric Olsen said...

At Business Casual, I will sell them with laces, because my feet slip out of hip shoes like that. But, I see I've been beaten to the punch by this John Madden character. I will no longer buy his video games.

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