October 02, 2006

Invention: Electronic Newspaper

Since moving up here, I've been buying the Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune. It's fabulous. In Peoria, there was no good paper to get, and I didn't care, because Yahoo! News gave me everything I needed. But, there's something about flipping through an actual newspaper, not reading off a computer screen, and getting a wider assortment of stories at your fingertips. I don't know. But, how about an electronic newspaper? You buy a flexible electronic reader that folds up into one newspaper spread. It unfolds like a regular paper, but only one spread thick. With either wi-fi or through a USB input, this same paper updates electronically every day, or throughout the day. When you open the paper, there is a menu that allows you to flip through the paper electronically.

Much of the cost of newspapers is caught up in printing and distribution. Perhaps this would slow the death of newsprint?


Arcane Rest said...

i think that already exists, possibly internet access with a laptop

Eric Olsen said...

this is not to convert internet news people to a paper, this is to prevent current subscribers from going that route. AP/Reuters is not as easy to access articles that you find interesting.

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