October 27, 2006

The Tipping Point: Part Three

What could the tipping point be for a third political party? People are definitely sick of the current two. But, an independent vote (save the case of Joe Lieberman) is typically a complete waste. And right now, when people think third party, they think green, environment, pot. I would suggest a different party. Perhaps a true John F. Kennedy party, or a true Ronald Reagan party, even though both Democrats and Republicans, respectively, claim these icons as their own, they're really not. What could tip it? Could it be a candidate's personality? Could it be a push back to state rights? Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I think you'd need two things to create the centrist party I'd like to see. The first is that you'd need to see the political parties make a concerted effort to defeat their own moderates in the primaries, pushing the two further apart. Second, you'd need a group of established politicians from both sides to join, including one well-known, charismatic national figure (Yes, there's probably only one person that fits this right now, but I doubt you'd see him do it). Maybe there would be a "tipping point" issue that drives it in the future, but given the current political climate, this seems most likely.

Anonymous said...

The tipping point would be lots and lots of money.

It's not surprising that the only independent with a chance of pulling off a 3rd party win was a billionaire. But I imagine anytime a situation happened like that, the non-incumbent would nominate a moderate just to maintain the two-party lock (like Clinton in 1992).

What do you think of Instant-runoff voting? (Except that our current two-parties wouldn't think of diminishing their stronghold by passing such a thing).

Anonymous said...

Do you mean preferential balloting? I think that's actually a good idea. It would eliminate the "wasting a vote" argument. But you're right, I can't see the two parties in power actually agreeing to it.

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