October 25, 2006

The Tipping Point: Part Two

Please read yesterday's post before this one. What I am looking for are possible "Tipping Point" suggestions for curing an ill in society, or furthering a good. My suggestion for today looks at the ill of prostitution in our society. Policies made over the years to quench prostitution have ranged from legalizing it, to raising the minimum wage to de-incentivize it, to religious protestors yelling God's wrath at them. But, to little success, there has not yet been a tipping point that has "cured" prostitution. How 'bout this? People start calling up escort services, hiring out a lady for the evening, and treating her like it's your first date with a movie star. Take her out to a nice dinner, a movie perhaps, and ask her about her life. No goodnight kiss either gents. What could that do?


Justin Elder said...

What if we reworked all streets to intersect at different angles, so there was never really a corner to stand on... maybe it's the environment that causes prostitutes and without corners there wouldn't be any....???

Sabai said...

Ok, while this is humorous, this is the exact kind of thinking we're looking for people. So, many times, we try to figure out THE cause, and forget the fact that their may be 'little causes' enabling the act. Getting rid of sidewalks might do it. Bravo Justin. Next?

Justin Elder said...

In most cases, it seems to stop an event happening like crime, you fix the broken windows, you don't actually fix the criminal. So perhaps the issue isn't to stop the prostitutes but to stop the customer. Stop the environment under which someone would desire a prostitute and you will eventually stop prostitution based on supply/demand. So when do most people hire a prostitute, my guess, under no research whatsoever is under 2 conditions: 1. Late at night when lonliness begins to set in. 2. Drunkeness and the ability to think clearly has left many hours ago. My guess is you're not going to get people to stop drinking, obviously not the best solution, but what about those who are lonely. Is there a way to entice them toward something other than sex? Haven't figured it out yet, but maybe that's a direction to take?

On a side note, I heard on a radio station today about Kankakee becoming more and more populous. The mayor of Kankakee was on the radio and said that it was because the Chicago Bears played a practice game there, or some kind of game that people began to notice the city. Isn't that crazy, basically a Chicago Bears practice game was the tipping point for this city. I wonder what Naperville's Tipping point was? I am intrigued by the fact that when looking for them, tipping points occur all the time, it's just I wasn't looking for them before.

Sabai said...

And perhaps once we noticing them more, we'll start to see a common thread, and then ideally, be able to create our own.

Ok, while brainstorming thoughts, I just questioned what about prostitution do we want to stop? people paying for sex? having it outside of marriage?

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