November 30, 2006

IQ Name Tags

So, I recently read a study that says that a group performs a task better when all the people know who the smartest person in the room is. I'm assuming that people simply tend to give that 'smartest' person the benefit of the doubt, and give them the final word. But, that seems very similar to me to a common corporate structure. A worker gives their boss the final word, right? Maybe not. Not if they truly think they're smarter...or their idea is better. So, question: What is the most effective way of convincing someone they are wrong when they do not respect you as their intellectual superior?


Anonymous said...

cut your hair short, dress nicely, talking using big words, then wait

Anonymous said...

Looks of utter disbelief and just loud enough to be heard mutterings about the public humiliation that's soon to follow once the idea is put into effect.

Oh wait, were you looking for an option that wasn't evil?

If the person is rational and not afraid to admit they are wrong, a thorough cost-benefit analysis might do the trick (assuming the person is willing to sit through a thorough cost-benefit analysis, as few are). Otherwise, well, there's always that evil way.

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