November 02, 2006

Sybaris Pool Suites

So, since I didn't have cable growing up, the commercials for Sybaris pool suites were about the raciest thing I saw. Even before I understood marital exploration, the idea of a waterslide in a bedroom seemed awesome to me. So, somehow, that childhood suggestion stuck with me, and when I was looking for a place to spend my first night with my bride, I researched Sybaris and got on their e-mail list for special rates. I ended up choosing somewhere else, but I recently got an e-mail from them advertising a special rate. The rate was only good from Noon-2 PM on a weekday. Classy.


Justin Elder said...

Straight class right there. I remember hearing about Sybaris too growing up, but doesn't it seem like once you got there and saw the slide and played around for a couple minutes you figure out that that's all people do there, during the week and stuff... at least at a hotel people actually sleep there. Although it's a good idea in theory, it's a little awkward.

Bob said...

I remember for about 6 months freshman year I had decent reception to channel 1 on my cable network. This was home shopping by day and the playboy network after 10pm. There was a line across the middle and some squiggleness, and it was only visible a few nights a week, but it was the closest thing I had to a girlfriend at the time. I think I learned more about women and sex in those 6 months than I had in my prior 14 years of sheltered existance. I also unfortunatly remember playing an answering machine message for my dad confirming his sybaris pool suite reservation on my parents anniversary. Needless to say the words "Have fun!" were hard to cough up as they left for their "Weekend in the city". At least I had a memorable party that weekend and some kid threw up red daquiri mix all over my bathroom. Thanks for the mememories.

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