December 08, 2006

The Tipping Point: Part Seven

Alright, I have it...the tipping point for illegal immigration. First, this is based off the premise that illegal immigration is indeed an epidemic that needs to be addressed. So, if you can't concede the problem, then obviously no solution is needed. For those who are looking for a solution and don't like the financial repercussions of a Great Wall of Mexico, how bout this? If an American corporation knowingly hires an illegal or undocumented worker, the worker responsible for the hiring receives 6 months in prison.


Matt said...

you are brutal. isn't it already illegal for corporations to hire illegal immigrants. I had to shown ID when I started to prove I was a citizen.

Who are the people that are hiring these II's. I really doubt it's the corporations. Maybe mcdonalds and walmart???

Sabai said...

Yes, it already is illegal. But, that isn't stopping the problem, is it? Workers often can get away with not showing identification, or presenting false identification that never gets checked, or get paid under the table, and never pay taxes, but still claim all of the social service benefits of taxpayers.

When I say businesses, I'm not talking about Intel. I'm talking about hotels, farmers, restaurants, waste management, warehouses, factories, construction, maintenance companies, cleaning companies. There's enough people hiring and not getting caught that millions of people are coming. Instead of putting the mouse in jail, how bout taking away the cheese.

Matt said...

thats's weird that you said hotels. I was thinking of Cataline from My Name is Earl the whole time

Sabai said...

exactly..but catalina is USING the current laws in place along with Randy's unrequited love in order to become a legal citizen. Earl is obviously behind my plan as well.