December 06, 2006

The Tipping Point: Part Six

Let's tip AIDS. Instead of an epidemic for this one, we want to go in reverse. Since unprotected sex is far and away the leading cause of the spread of AIDS, let's start there. Condom distribution, 6th grade sex ed videos, abstinence teaching, stricter punishment for adultery...The forum is open:


Jeff said...

Absolutely. All options and forms of education should be on the table.

Did you read Obama's speech last Friday onn World AIDS Day at Rick Warren's church? He laid out several ideas and ways to get involved to push the crisis in the right direction.

Eric Olsen said...

Jeff, I'm very interested to read that speech, but blogger has cut off half of your link, could you repost on a couple lines?

all of those ideas mentioned so far though haven't really been working, i'm curious to see if any of us can think of any new 'tipping' idea, as far-fetched as it seems.

Jeff said...

That should work.

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