December 20, 2006

We're All Going to Drown

So, let's say scientists started coming out and saying that the damage we've done to the Earth is irreversible and that our sea levels are definitely going to be one meter higher in 40 years, putting several coastal U.S. cities underwater. Wouldn't that dramatically alter the real estate market? And since, we're not really on our way to changing our production/consumption/emission habits, would it be a smart investment to start selling off beach front resorts now (just in case)?


Anonymous said...

I actually just watched a show on the Discovery channel about how global warming could actually cause a freezing period!

The jist was how the ocean acts like a big conveyor belt and the water turns over on a consistent basis. If polar ice caps keep melting at a high rate, it would continue to bring fresh water into the world's oceans. Because of the different densities of fresh to sea water (fresh staying closer to the surface), the big ocean conveyor belt would stop... causing environmental changes that would lead to a huge freeze!

So, I don't know, should we sell our beach front property or invest in Polaris?

Eric Olsen said...

that's very interesting aaron. so, in both cases, the solution would be to limit emmissions though, right? By the way, you might enjoy today's discussion. Your hero Bon Jovi came up.

Anonymous said...

Science is telling us global warming is our fault, right?.

I'm not saying we shouldn't work on emissions or do our part to help and maintain God's earth. However, we've only been keeping track of weather for a couple of hundred years. And considering Science believes the Earth and the rest of solar system is about 4.55 billion years old, I just can't be so sure that in the past 4.55 billion years, that this hasn't happened before, without the aid of man.

But what do I know, I'm just a fool who doesn't believe that we came from monkeys, like Science says is fact... er, I mean "theory".

Eric Olsen said...

i have to admit, that's a problem that I have with it as well. The scientists who are the biggest proponents of this are the same ones who believe in a non-deistic creation of the world.

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