January 10, 2007

Tonight's Speech Preview

Tonight, George W. Bush will give a prime time speech regarding the situation in Iraq, and his plan based on information obtained or ignored from the Iraq study reports. At 'All Opinions are Not Equal', we happened to obtain an early draft of the speech.

"...Upon arduous study and solemn thought, I propose a time machine. Not only can our past mistakes be remedied, but future mistakes will no longer need to be avoided."

Hmm, not too sure how that's going to go over. But, seriously, what is he supposed to say? With several parties over there that hate each other, what else can you do besides support majority rule? Defend the party the people elected, and give them power to rule. I don't know. Maybe Bush has an answer tonight.


Anonymous said...

So, say you're a congressman, and a democrat comes up to you and says "Hey, we'll pass an amendment banning abortion if you'll pass an amendment requiring a socialized healthcare system." What's your answer?

Eric Olsen said...

Great question. This is actually a more honorable question than the more common, "Vote for the increased budget for my state, and I'll vote for the increased budget for your state." The easy answer is, Yes, because, when discerning between the greater goods, you value innocent life over money. But, one could argue that a bureaucratic healthcare system would lead to economic inefficiencies and worse healthcare that would actually cause more "loss" than the abortion ban. Without the ability of hindsight, I would say No. But, if someone wants to trade an abortion ban for a minimum wage increase, I'd do it. We all have our price.

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