February 28, 2007

The Rights of a Rapist

So, another inconceivable case has come up in court. A man raped a girl. Went to jail for it. Served his time. Is now free. He is back in court again...as a prosecutor...fighting for parental rights to the child he 'helped' conceive when he raped his victim. Now, this is just one of many cases that I figured would never come up, but it has. And what the heck do you do about it? Is it so far off to believe that the man could have found redemption behind bars during those years. That the man is looking to do the right thing after years of doing wrong? Obviously, the child's safety is of utmost concern in this scenario. But, what if this ex-rapist now gets married to a new women and has children. The state surely would not take them away from this man. But, our conscience desperately wants to keep him away from this child. What to do?


Steve said...

The thing is, if the man had truly been reformed and is now a good person, would he put the mother through the custody battle, being forced to repeatedly come face to face with the man who raped her, and probably cause some significant emotional scarring in the child too. Unless the current situation is very harmful for the child, I think the fact that he is willing to go to court for custody shows that he doesn't deserve it.

Sabai said...

so, is there no situation where this reformed convict would get to see his offspring?

Steve said...

I believe the fact that it was a rape pretty much negates his rights. If he asks tastefully and the mother decides to allow it, that's one thing. But through the legal system, I'd say no.