March 13, 2007

I'm Just a Tree Machine

So, trees are pretty cool, right? They take CO2 and turn it into O2. Awesome. Why can't we develop machines that can do that on a much larger scale? Then we can place these tall machines around the neighborhood, make them solar powered, paint them brown, and glue plastic leaves on them. Ten times the benefit of a real tree, with no annoying squirrels.


Brent said...

Because we aren't good at doing a lot of things nature does (efficiently, anyway).

Sabai said...

but, don't we just think nature's efficient because we don't actually see the nutrient sucking that's going on underground? is there really no alternative to photosynthesis that we can create that's powered by sunlight?

Brent said...

Well, given that this "nutrient sucking" is generally waste products from other organisms, that doesn't seem to be an issue. (Plants are part of the nitrogen cycle as well as the carbon cycle).

I didn't say we couldn't do it as efficiently as plants at some point, we just can't now. There's plenty of research being done on it.