March 08, 2007

Psychological Test #1

Here is a very inexpensive psychological test you can perform at your workplace that can bring you great pleasure. Requisite: the men's room needs to have urinals. Put a quarter in each of the urinals (This works better if there's that plastic grate preventing the quarter from getting flushed away). Then come back in a few hours and see if the quarter's there. (Even if you don't have the plastic grating there, it's still an interesting test, because the person will feel guilty for flushing money out of reach. However, you'll never get to find out if the quarter was swiped or merely flushed.)

Give it a try, and report your data. See if you work with a bunch of desperate sickos.

1 comment:

Justin Elder said...

Can you imagine an episode of the Office doing this? Absolute madness!

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