March 26, 2007

Whose Idea?

So, the film Waking Life broaches this subject, but never answers the question that often puzzles me. Have you ever had a dream where you're at a concert, and you're hearing this band that you never heard of before, and they're playing a song that you never heard of before, and it's awesome? When you wake up, you realize that it was just a dream. But, who wrote that song? Who's writing the dialogue of the other characters in your dream? Who's thinking up these incredibly intricate worlds and ideas that you're interacting with in your dream? Are we all crazy and brilliant, and need to figure out a way to release these ideas when we're awake? Or do we channel these ideas from somewhere that we can only enter when unconscious?


Arcane Rest said...

was that the ethan hawke part?

Eric Olsen said...

ethan hawke was the crossword guy, the guy who said that once someone's thought of something, the idea exists, and our brains can just grab that idea out of the air.

The creative dreamer idea was questioned by the narrator himself after meeting the girl in the subway.

Arcane Rest said...

i just dont remember that part, maybe i was sleeping. Is it weird that a movie is called Waking Life and causes you to sleep?

To answer your many questions....
yes but most of the time it is just a combination of songs and/or beats that i have heard before.

you did kind of, but is it totally original? if it isnt and borrowed from here and there it is nothing more than an synthesis on 'research' gathered when awake

you are writing the dialogue in those dreams just as you write the dialogue in your head while is the brilliance of the mind.

i find most of the worlds are again combinations of all the things you see during the time you are awake. think of all the stuff that you are able to filter out during the course of the day. i think some of those things that enter into the dream are the things filtered but now you pay attention to them.

i think dreams can be positive or neutral in nature. positive because there are many times where they can lead you to an answer in hard times (prophetic dreams)...neutral because it is the creative ability of the brain to piece 'random' firings of the brain in REM to make a story that has ridiculous jumps and plots, like why am i playing a game of tag with friends then all of the sudden I am on the beach at Normandy?
whether brilliant or crazy i dont know.

dreams seem to be the creative outlet that is not able to come out when we are bogged down with so much during the day.

final fyi: i heard if you don't dream you can go crazy...dont know if it is true, but if it is then dreams must mean something.

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