April 24, 2007

Civil War Week Pt. 2

The following is a continuation of my 'why did people who thought slavery was bad continue to own slaves?' posing from yesterday.

Well, why do WE continue to do things that we know are wrong? Do we really need to create laws and punishments to simply enforce universal behavior ethics and prevent ourselves from doing things that we know we shouldn't? It looks like the answer is, yes.


Steve said...

It depends on what you believe the law should be used for, to enforce a standard of morals and ethics or to protect the rights of its citizens. The Declaration of Independence states that governments are formed to protect our inalienable rights. In practice, though, we have some of each.

Sabai said...


My point is: does human nature require us to build fences around ourselves to prevent us from doing things that we know are wrong?

Steve said...

In that case, maybe we do, although it wouldn't make us better people (still acting out of a selfish motive, just this time not to get punished), it would just mean we might do fewer things we know are wrong.

Sabai said...

that's why the separation of church and state is necessary, the goals of each are incredibly different.