April 11, 2007

Dear Fellow Democrat

I received a form letter in the mail from Howard Dean yesterday, courtesy of the DNC. They obtained my information last year when I e-mailed them to suggest they use Ben Harper's song, "Better Way" for their elections last year. They must have assumed I was a registered Democrat. I just really dug the song.

Here's an excerpt taken verbatum from the letter.

"I'm asking for your financial help today because we Democrats must join together to get America back on track... to fix the mess created by George W. Bush and his Republican cronies in Congress."

Maybe it's statements like this that cause the funding to come pouring in, but it's these very statements that make me hate the political game we're playing in this country.

Cronie-ism is bi-partisan. Man is fallen. Sell me on your ideas, not the fact that the current guy sucks.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I've judged debate rounds between high school freshmen that have more substance than much of what passes for political discourse today. Even in a "preaching to the choir" letter like that, there should be an attempt to make a point, not just pointed rhetoric.

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