April 02, 2007

"I Huffed So Much Glue This Weekend"

"I went out on Friday night with some guys and we went through like 2 fun-packs of Elmers, and then Saturday night, like 3 of them. It was crazy. You mix some gatorade with it, you can't even smell it."

So, what if I brought this story to the typical workplace Monday morning conversation? For some reason, it's socially acceptable to talk about how trashed you got over the weekend, including specifics on what you drank and how much of it. But, if I were to bring up how I stopped by the craft store on Friday night in order to get my glue on, people would think I had a problem, and rightly so. But, if it's causing the same relative effect, cognitive drowning, then why is this so different?


Arcane Rest said...

because drinking alcohol is cooler than huffing. But what is cooler than that you may ask....not being able to walk straight or throwing up and/or passing out because the amount you drank....but there is something better, not remembering driving home when you are completely wasted. That last one is the best ever, which leads to one of the best monday morning stories, not to mention the story of the hangover the next day. Simply Awesome

Eric Olsen said...

well said my friend. i stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

If you came to the water cooler on Monday with that story I would just laugh.

Simply because Elmers will just clog your notrils... not get you high.

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