May 14, 2007

Instinct or Evolution?

If so much of our behavior and the behavior of the animal kingdom is instinctual, then why is evolution necessary?


Livehack said...

If u were designed to evolve, i suppose instincts too would be subject to it.

Sabai said...

so, is that the common assumption? that instinctual behavior has evolved as well?

Doesn't that go against the idea that certain behavior is innate (unlearned) within the creature?

Brent said...

Where do you think these ideas conflict?

Sabai said...

perhaps they don't.

but, I can look at a flock of birds in some amazing V-pattern where they all flap their wings simulataneously and take every dip and rise together as one, and be amazed.

Some people would tell me that it's taken millions of years for birds to evolve to have those capabilities, while some people would tell me that it's just instinctual. They always just knew how to do that.

So, for specific features that people claim have been "evolved", could one claim that those features have always been "instinctual"?

Brent said...

Sure, you can claim that (not saying I disagree either).

Sabai said...

But, this would not help in a case against physical evolution adapation, correct?