May 24, 2007

It'll Grow on You

So, let's say your friend gives you a new CD to listen to. You don't like it. Your friend then says, "Well, I had to listen to it a few times before I started to really get into it. But, it's worth it. You'll love it. Give it some more time."

So, the question is, when should we give a new CD the benefit of the doubt?

After all, I can't just keep listening to sucky CDs all day hoping that I'll eventually grow into them. There has to be SOMETHING upon my first listen that strikes me as interesting, innovative or good, in order to give it a 2nd or 3rd chance to climb the approval rating in my mind.

So, while I may be missing out on some great CDs, because I'm just not patient enough with them, or because I'm just not ready for them, I can't waste my time re-listening to crap all day in order to not miss the good stuff. And I have to hope that the good stuff comes back across my path later, when I'm ready.

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Anonymous said...

I think you have to see something there to make you think there's a chance you'd like it more. In a movie example (since I don't listen to that much music), I'm much more likely to give "Marie Antoinette" a second chance to wow me than I am "The Hours" because for all of its faults I saw a spark of greatness in the former that I didn't in the latter.

There are simply too many entertainment choices out there to give second chances to a lot of them when you don't see a glimmer of something special, or at least something you think you could enjoy.

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