May 31, 2007

Ten on an Island

The premise is that there are ten people on an island, they are a sovereign nation, and they are trying to best determine how to govern themselves.

Question #3: One of the ten breaks their leg. They are unable to do any work. How is this person taken care of?


JMC said...

He'll have to get out his little charred piece of twig and some palm fronds and write some I.O.U.s. :)

Then again, assuming there are no hospital facilities on the island, and no one is a doctor, whether or not we have to worry about it at all could come into play. If the break is really bad and infection sets in, he could just die. Problem solved. :)

Justin Elder said...

Well if he were a smart person he'd have stowed away some extra shells to trade knowing that things happen in life that you don't always plan on.

Eventually, there may hospitals on this island, but right now, he'll have to suffer or rely on generousity of others. I am apt to believe that the community will rally around one another when one is down. Now if the community grows past 144, this may not be the case, as said in previous posts. But with 10 I think generousity will be a given.

Sabai said...

remember, we're trying to say what SHOULD happen. so, if there was 10 people, they should probably all work together. But, if there was 200 people on the island, would this person be dependent on the community as a whole, or need to be dependent on a smaller group?

JMC said...

They SHOULD all work together to help, and probably would. As Justin points out, there are only 10 people, so even if someone didn't want to help, he would, because his non-participation would be obvious and could anger the others.

When something major happens, whether personally or on a grander scale, people do tend to rally around. I lived in Charleston, SC, during Hurricane Hugo, and saw firsthand how even when there are a lot more than 10 people, communities come together and help one another out. On this island, a broken leg would be akin to catastrophe, and people would step up to the plate.

If there were 200 people, I would guess the person would be dependent on a smaller group, but if the person needed lots of help, the group could reach out to the community as a whole.

Sabai said...

Should HOW he broke his leg have any effect on the community's response?

JMC said...

Great question! I hadn't considered that. What if he broke it while doing something to benefit the community, i.e. building shelter? What if he broke it out gallivanting while everyone else was working on shelter?

JMC said...

Or what if he broke it because he tripped while running away from the fisherman after stealing one of the fish?