June 12, 2007

Dem Dilemma Part 2

(Read yesterday's post as a preamble to this one.)

There are many politicians today who reside in a very high tax bracket, and are public about their plans to raise taxes for this bracket so the rich in this country can give an extra portion back to the country that has been so good to them. The claim made is that this is a moral thing to do.

Yet, if you look at the personal charitable donation records of these very politicians, the amount they give to charity is often less than 1-2%, even lower than the AVERAGE American's meager giving rate of 2.2% of their total income.

So, if these politicians think that the moral thing to do is to force the rich to give back more of their money in order to help the less fortunate in this country, then why aren't they currently doing that themselves?


Eric Olsen said...

c'mon, this is a big one here folks.

email said...

Good question. Maybe they figure that their service (while being paid for) counts toward "giving back." Who knows what goes on in those people's addled little brains. They can rationalize anything. Are we making the assumption that they have morals? Good ones? ;)

And we're equating taxation with giving to charity? Because I think the forced taxation argument would be similar to the Jefferson slavery argument. In that, economically, they can continue to make money with money they have in their possession, but as soon as they hand it over to taxes, they can no longer use that money to increase their net worth. But they're willing to go along with an increase in taxation for everyone in their bracket, because then they can cry morality and the race to the "who has the most when they die" award is still even.

As for charity, you'd think they'd be giving away left and right, particularly in election years, and then making a big issue of it in an attempt to gain votes. Do I come across as a bit cynical here?

I do believe that Ron Paul refused his pension. And there are a few who refused the last congressional pay raise, aren't there? But I don't think that's the same as giving to charity.

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