June 18, 2007

What Separates a Man from a Woman?

Nail polish. It is now officially summertime. And in business-casual settings all across the country, women are now slipping open-toed shoes into their clothing cycle.

When I see a women wear open-toed shoes without nail polish on their toes, I am quickly reminded of a male foot, a ghastly eye-sore of the human body.

My public service announcement for the day: Ladies, please paint those little piggies before you bust out those slip-ons. Just the slightest coat of pink nail polish can turn a gag reflex into a fine work of art.


Anonymous said...

what about all the men who are tuning in today? shouldn't we get some fashion advice?

Eric Olsen said...

get a good haircut.


email said...

No Speedos.

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