July 17, 2007

Brian Urlacher vs. A Black Belt

So, I've noticed that a lot of nerds participate in martial arts. This is not at all to say that martial arts is inherently "nerdy" more than it is saying that Star Wars is inherently nerdy. Both of these things just happen to call out to the socially alienated among us.

But, here's my point. Let's say there's a guy, 5 ft. 6, 165 pds, black belt in several martial arts.

Could this guy beat up Brian Urlacher, middle linebacker for the Chicago Bears?

This karate-man knows exactly where to punch and exactly where to block. But, couldn't Urlacher just rush him and kill him with one blow?

My real point is...should I be scared of the IT guys at my workplace?


email said...

Yes, very scared. :)

The linebacker could rush, but the martial artist, being quick and light on his feet, would just move out of the way and use the linebacker's forward momentum against him. Punching and blocking are just a small part of martial arts.

Justin Elder said...

Plus, sorry to tell you this, but in comparison to Brian Urlacher..... um, no comparison.

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