July 23, 2007

Chocolate Sticks

Since I was 5 years old, chocolate long-johns from Dunkin Donuts have been a staple in my diet. To my shock recently, I noticed that at my local Dunkin, the name "Chocolate Long John" has been replaced with "Chocolate Stick". I guess this name aesthetically makes sense. But why the switch?

So, I started to think about it. "John" is sometimes a name used to refer to something "male." Could my precious donut actually have been named with a phallic reference in mind? Was there an outcry against this?

Then when I started thinking about the possible symbolism of a chocolate eclair, I gave up donuts for a week.


JMC said...

Don't you mean "johnson?" ;) And that particular donut (one of my favorites as well) does have, ahem, cream inside. It makes one wonder...

Another thing I always wondered about the Long John was why have both it and the Boston cream; they're the same donut, just different shapes.

matt j said...

"Chocolate Stick" sounds more phallic to me than the previous name.

Could "Long John" possibly be a registered trademark of another donut chain?

Sabai said...

ah, jmc, i think we have just learned another regional food difference in this country. I believe you're from Pennsylvania, right? In Chicago, we have two separate donuts. A chocolate eclair (shaped like a long john and filled with creme), and a chocolate long john (NO cream).

But, why do I get a chocolate long john when they have "chocolate raised" (a non-cake donut, long-john shaped in a circle)?

Because I like the different shapes I guess. :)

In Pennsylvania, your milk chocolate is actually a little bit darker than ours here as well, true story.

matt, if it was a trademark thing, i can't imagine it would have lasted this long.

JMC said...

I am in PA now, but grew up in SC, and it was the same there. I guess maybe it's an east coast thing. That's interesting.

Stacy & Jonathan said...

i never eat donuts... this is why

Sabai said...

Tomorrow I'm going to see Jesse Jackson outside my Dunkin Donuts talking about the saturated travesty of the phallic misrepresentation of emancipation in regards to caloric constitution.