July 09, 2007

Global Warming Tipped

On Saturday, Live Earth concerts across 7 continents brought millions of people together for a single cause, stopping global warming. How did this issue "tip" so quickly?

Only two years ago, I would say that most of my friends were at best, largely skeptical of the idea that humans were largely responsible for global temperature increase.

So, how can we emulate what these global warming guys have done over the last 2 years? Let's say your cause is animal rights, Jesus, AIDS research, local poverty...how can we get people on board regarding the gravity of these situations as well as Al Gore has done?

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Anonymous said...

It's a quite simple formula, really.

First, make sweeping claims about (animal rights, Jesus, AIDS research, local poverty) that will no doubt stir fear in the hearts of those who listen. "We've only got X years before Y destroys us! If we don't do something now, it'll be the end of us all!"

Second, state that these claims are "consensus" and call into question the intelligence of those who want to explore the myriad of other possible explanations/theories.

Third, win the support of mindless entertainers who have a propensity to draw a crowd no matter what the cause and say such things as, "If you wanna save the planet, jump up and down!" If that's not a call to action I don't know what is.

There you have it - three easy steps. The funny thing is, it's this exact formula Iraq-war opponents claim the Bush administration used to justify military action there. There's something about a pot and a kettle...

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