July 24, 2007

Secular Argument for Divine Morality?

So, I tried arguing against lust yesterday to a 20-something male. That's a tough one. I think he thinks I'm out of my mind. Since this person is an agnostic, I tried a secular argument, instead of just saying, "God said so."

Because I don't think that's why God gives rules...just because. The more I learn, the more I understand how much God's directives make sense.


A) If these "divine rules" truly make sense, then shouldn't we be able to come up with strong, strictly secular arguments for biblical morality?

B) Is this back door approach to Godly behavior a good thing to strive for?


email said...

I think the biggest problem is that you were arguing with a 20-something male. You know, one of those testosterone-stupefied creatures who follows his penis wherever it points, and it points ALL THE TIME. :)

As to your questions:

A) Yes, and I think we have in a lot of cases.

B) Sure, why not?

Arcane Rest said...

I think the issue is that as a Christian we have a higher moral standards, we do not have worldly standards. So convincing a worldly individual that his worldly thoughts are wrong is nearly impossible. However, the great thing is the holy spirit within you can mingle with their soul and start to stir things up. This will cause them to maybe question their worldly morals and be open to yours possibly later down the road.

I am sure there could be a way to "sugar coat" Godly behavior, or provide a backdoor approach to do it, but I truly feel that this will only confuse the individual since they will not fully understand the moral standard or Godly concepts until their soul and heart are ready.

Anonymous said...

i understand what your getting at.

if it's right for everyone regardless of beliefs, shouldn't it be arguable for everyone regardless of beliefs?

well, i agree and disagree.

"The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them."
matthew 13:11

we understand because we are in the Kingdom.

but also...

i don't see any reason to live a moral life if you aren't living it for Jesus... as corny as that may sound. hedonsism is the most sane philosophy if the whole Jesus thing is a lie. why not live for oneself? if there is no authority over your own or eternal repercussion. and if you feel as though there is authority in which you abide, who gave it to them. why is someone else's ideals more important than yours? THE ONLY reason to follow Jesus' moral standard is because we believe that he has rightful authority over us. and if that is the case, does it really matter why he commands what he does?


Anonymous said...

Look at my sis, she's so smart:)

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