Unfair Comparison: The Cure For Depression

So, a lot of people my age are getting married. That can make a lot of my single friends depressed. When kids younger than me get record deals, that can make me depressed. When someone who's dumber than me has a better job than me, that can make me depressed.

The problem is that we're comparing ourselves to the wrong people.

For instance, whenever I hear a story about a friend whose car broke down, I always get cheered up a little, because my car's fine. There needs to be a television show that only shows biographies of the disabled or something, so instead of saying, "dang't, i wish i was taller, you could say man, i'm glad I'm not that guy who still wears a diaper."


JMC said…
Or maybe the problem is that we're comparing ourselves to other people at all.

(But if we're going to, who should the guy in the diaper compare himself to?)
Justin Elder said…
Watch "The Simple Life" seasons, you'll feel a whole lot better about life...
Steve said…
I thought that's why people watched "The Jerry Springer Show" and "Cops."

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