July 18, 2007

A Vote For Hope

I believe the job of a President is not only to create opportunity, but also to create hope. Do you believe that the most "well-liked president", a "unifier", could actually help the economy through a positive national attitude more than they might hurt it through economic decisions you may disagree with?


Steve said...

Or maybe if they managed to change the national mood, politicians would be able to spend more time working to solve problems and less time demonizing each other for causing them.

But there might be something to that. If they are able to inspire people to have greater faith in our government, maybe consumer confidence would increase as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree that morale is a great motivator. Can the President do that alone? Wouldn't we all have to try and get along to even allow such an attempt at morale boosting?

Let's face it, if it bleeds it leads with the media and they wouldn't like a "unifier".

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